Success stories

Some of the world’s most innovative companies are developing game-changing technologies in Ontario. Here’s how these businesses are shaping the automotive and mobility industry’s future.

Spotlight Series with Visual Defence

In the spotlight, Visual Defence is a Canadian company that helps companies use cameras efficiently. With AVIN, the company developed ROVER that automatically identifies road deficiencies by using artificial intelligence

Staying connected

You can’t have connected and autonomous mobility without connectivity. In this video, Todd Schneider, chief technology officer at Dejero, tells Raed Kadri, head of AVIN, how his company is creating seamless connections between numerous networks, such as 3G, 4G, LTE and WiFi. Watch the video to find out more about the innovative tech that’s coming out of Ontario.

Global company invests in Ontario

Sensor Cortek Inc., a new company specializing in the development of leading-edge embedded artificial intelligence solutions for autonomous vehicles (AV), and Valeo, a global automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide, are building a new generation of high definition imaging radars coupled with deep neural networks.

“There’s no doubt that the participation of AVIN in this research and development project reinforced by the renowned Canadian expertise in AI was a decisive factor in convincing Valeo to invest in Ontario,” says says Dr. Robert Laganiere, CEO of Sensor Cortek inc.

Global company, Sensor Cortek Inc., invests in Ontario

Creating smarter rides

Fleetcarma wants to make vehicles smarter. In this video, Matt Stevens, vice-president and of electric vehicles at Geotab, the company that owns Fleetcarma, tells Raed Kadri of AVIN about how the company is networking thousands of vehicles together and how that data is helping businesses, and the cities they operate in, become more efficient operators.

Getting vital signs en route

CloudDX Inc. and Faurecia North America are working together to create vital signs tracking technology that can withstand the uneven and noisy conditions of road travel. AVIN created significant advantages by bringing both companies together.

“Working with a terrific company like Faurecia is a big deal for us,” says Robert Kaul, CEO of CloudDX. "This support from AVIN led to a commercial deal with Faurecia much faster than would otherwise have been possible and to a very strong partnership.”

CloudDX-Faurecia Success Story

More success stories

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