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AVIN Reports

Workforce Skills and Talent for the Future Mobility Era: Realizing Needs and Filling Gaps

This report focuses on delineating the workforce skills needed in the future mobility era as well as tactical solutions to fill the talent gaps.

Autonomous Vehicles Reshaping the Future: Cross-Sector Opportunities and Considerations

This report focuses on drawing attention to the anticipated shifts in mobility-linked sectors and prepare for these transformations.

Cybersecurity for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Focusing on cybersecurity for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), the report identifies key areas for consideration and avenues for growth and development.

Opportunities for Connected Vehicles Beyond Transportation

This report delineates the various applications and service domains in which CVs can be utilized beyond solely using them for safe transportation.

Ontario CAV Ecosystem Analysis

This report describes key industry trends in Ontario and globally, and shows how Ontario can continue to enhance its strength in the CAV sector.

Data in the Context of CAVs – Challenges and Recommendations

This report discusses the critical concerns of data privacy, cybersecurity and data ownership in CAVs highlighting best practices and efforts being made to address these concerns.

Data in the Context of CAVs – Types and Operational Opportunities

This report discusses the various internal and external sources feeding data into CAVs in addition to different categories of data that can be gathered from CAVs.

Features of the Infrastructure Facilitating the Operation of CAVs

This report describes the road infrastructure, both physical and digital, needed for accommodating CAVs and facilitating their operation.

Driving Ontario Forward – The Car of the Future

There are several factors that distinguish Ontario as a leader in the development of connected and autonomous vehicle technology and as a hub for deploying and testing these technologies. OCE engaged KPMG LLP (“KPMG”) to provide an overview of the C/AV industry in Ontario, the results of which are contained within this report.

Regional Technology Development Sites : Technology Focus Areas

This specialized report provides an overview of the main connected and autonomous vehicle (C/AV) technology areas that Regional Technology Development Sites (RTDS) support.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Ontario: Technology Highlights

This report provides an overview of the autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies that Ontario companies and researchers are working on, and highlights some of their main activities and contributions.

External Reports

Constructing a Connected Car Ecosystem

The automotive industry is preparing for a future defined by connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) technology. To reach that future, automakers are beginning the process of bottom-up reorganization known as digital transformation.

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SOURCE: Microsoft and Frost & Sullivan

AUTOMATED DRIVING | Roadmap for the deployment of automated driving in the European Union

Automated driving is one of the major technological advancements that is changing how we travel and transport goods – it is reshaping the future of mobility in Europe.

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SOURCE: European Automobile Manufacturers Association

Automated and Connected Vehicles Policy Framework for Canada

This policy framework provides a set of policy principles for all jurisdictions in Canada to follow as we safely test and deploy these vehicles. This framework also focuses on policy and regulatory issues we will need to address as we prepare for a future with AV/CVs on Canadian roads.

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SOURCE: Policy and Planning Support Committee (PPSC) Working group on Automated and Connected Vehicles

Canada’s Safety Framework for Automated and Connected Vehicles

Canada’s Safety Framework for Automated and Connected Vehicles (the Safety Framework) informs stakeholders of Transport Canada (TC)’s safety-focused approach to automated and connected vehicles (AV/CVs). It sets a stable policy direction for safely deploying AV/CVs on Canada’s public roads.

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SOURCE: Transport Canada

2019 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index

The Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index (AVRI) is a tool to help measure 25 countries’ level of preparedness for autonomous vehicles.

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SOURCE: KPMG International