Demonstration Zone

Showcasing Ontario-made technologies

Companies with market-ready solutions have the unique opportunity to demonstrate their innovative technologies at the AVIN Technology Demonstration Zone, located in Stratford, Ontario. Ontario-based companies can use the Demonstration Zone to showcase advanced automotive and smart mobility solutions to potential customers, such as automotive suppliers, manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Leveraging city buses, fleets and vehicles, SMEs are able to incorporate their technologies onto these platforms, and demonstrate them in a controlled environment and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The Demonstration Zone also makes use of Stratford’s existing connected infrastructure, which includes ubiquitous WiFi, reinforced by a high-speed broadband network and LTE covering the city’s entire 12-square-kilometre area.     

APMA Demo zone

The Automotive Parts Manufacturer's Association (APMA) operates the Demonstration Zone on behalf of AVIN. Currently, companies that are making use of the Demonstration Zone are showcasing C/AV and infrastructure technologies.

Connecting supply and demand

The Demonstration Zone supports Ontario’s position as a globally recognized leader in emerging automotive technology and smart mobility solutions such as C/AV and infrastructure, and promotes a customer-centric and demand-driven approach to the commercialization of innovation in Ontario. Through the Demonstration Zone, the supply of innovative technologies is connected to the demand, providing Ontario-based companies with access to the global market, strengthening Ontario and Canada as regions for foreign direct investment opportunities.

Demonstration Zone objectives

  • Demonstrate Ontario-made technologies that are transformative and commercially ready for application for mass light-vehicles, transportation infrastructure, heavy vehicles, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and transit-supportive systems and vehicles
  • Create activities, both technological and promotional, for Ontario-based SMEs to showcase technologies to current and potential customers
  • Strengthen Ontario’s position as a globally recognized leader in automotive technology and smart mobility solutions such as C/AV and smart infrastructure