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Data in the Context of CAVs – Types and Operational Opportunities

This report discusses the various internal and external sources feeding data into CAVs in addition to different categories of data that can be gathered from CAVs.

Features of the Infrastructure Facilitating the Operation of CAVs

This report describes the road infrastructure, both physical and digital, needed for accommodating CAVs and facilitating their operation.

Driving Ontario Forward – The Car of the Future

There are several factors that distinguish Ontario as a leader in the development of connected and autonomous vehicle technology and as a hub for deploying and testing these technologies. OCE engaged KPMG LLP (“KPMG”) to provide an overview of the C/AV industry in Ontario, the results of which are contained within this report.

AVIN Speaker Series – Waterloo

On November 14, join Jim Schwyn, Chief Technical Officer, North America, Valeo, for an engaging discussion about how a $21-billion automotive systems technology company with over 115,000 employees in 33 countries continues to innovate through partnerships with universities, research centres, start-ups and other pioneers.

AVIN Demonstration Zone – Call for Technology

The AVIN Technology Demonstration Zone, located in Stratford, Ontario, is a site where Ontario-based companies with connected and automated vehicle (C/AV) technologies can test, validate and showcase innovative products. A call for technology is now open.

Regional Technology Development Sites : Technology Focus Areas

This specialized report provides an overview of the main connected and autonomous vehicle (C/AV) technology areas that Regional Technology Development Sites (RTDS) support.

Driving Regional Innovation for Vehicles of the Future

Six sites harness talents and resources for connected and autonomous vehicle technologies

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Ontario: Technology Highlights

This report provides an overview of the autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies that Ontario companies and researchers are working on, and highlights some of their main activities and contributions.

Ontario Creating Opportunity with Cars of the Future

Ontario is reinforcing its status as a go-to destination for developing automated vehicles by launching AVIN, the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network, in Stratford.


A New MIT Project Could Bring Driverless Cars to Rural Roads

CSAIL researchers have developed MapLite, a system that lets AVs safely navigate unmapped roads.

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INFINITI LAB has released a report which details that Canadians are looking forward to the enhanced safety and cost saving benefits associated with smart city and automotive technologies.

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Carpooling, Autonomy, and the Future

We can use information about how people use cars today— especially when they choose to carpool and share their cars with others — to add some more detail and dimension to visions of our autonomous future.

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Five trends transforming the Automotive Industry

This study sets out to show promising prospects that will open up the way to restructuring the automotive industry.

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