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As Ontario’s flagship initiative on automotive and smart mobility technologies, AVIN is driving economic development and catalyzing a future that builds safer, faster and more efficient transportation.

Ontario talent, technology and innovation

Readying the future

Ontario has long been at the forefront of automotive technology and mobility innovation. With a century’s worth of expertise, world-renowned manufacturing and technological capabilities, and highly skilled talent, Ontario is unlocking the industry’s potential.

Helping companies succeed

“As a result of AVIN, Ontario is now a global leader in driving the future of automotive and mobility through the development of a model that leverages Ontario’s regional strengths and assets to support the commercialization of new technologies that will drive economic and social benefits in the province.”

– Grant Courville, VP, Products and Strategy, BlackBerry QNX

Explore Ontario’s ecosystem

By harnessing Ontario’s automotive and mobility ecosystem — including regionally located technology development sites, demonstration and testing zones, leading industry expertise, and more — start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and global leaders can tap into a wide range of resources, capabilities and opportunities.

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Technology is quickly transforming the automotive production and smart mobility sector. Looking to join the industry? This is your chance to learn more about these changes! Join #AVIN and @FocalInitiative on September 15th at 1:00 pm by registering here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_uIvZzk-UQ_yALhf-1urYzA

As we head towards the future of the automotive and mobility sector, it's critical that we have the right skills in place. Microcredentials hold the potential to help workers be more resilient to industry changes. Learn more below!
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Jackie Pichette, Dua Abdelqader and Mona Eghanian – Unlike cars, microcredentials won’t drive themselves

Jackie Pichette, Dua Abdelqader and Mona Eghanian – Unlike cars, microcredentials won’t drive themselves

September 10, 2021

Microcredentials are a form of focused learning with the potential to respond to both the modern hiring needs of employers and the training needs of adults looking to advance or pivot in the labour market. At HEQCO, we define them as being tied to short learning opportunities that are focused on a discrete set of skills, knowledge or attributes. They provide more targeted training than traditional degrees, certificates and diplomas.

Spotlights on Skills and Competencies – Automotive and Parts Manufacturing edition

Spotlights on Skills and Competencies – Automotive and Parts Manufacturing edition

July 29, 2021

Ontario's automotive production industry employs over 160,800 workers across a wide range of occupations. These occupations cover vehicle assembly, parts manufacturing and other supporting jobs related to material, metal and electronics production. This booklet highlights some of the skills that are currently in-demand or forecasted to be in-demand by the industry. It is driven by insights from industry executives, primary research on labour market data and considering the growth and advancement of Ontario’s automotive and parts manufacturing industry. *Revised on August 4, 2021


Smart Mobility Opportunities in Israel

September 14 @ 10:00 am

The Government of Ontario in partnership with the Israel Economic Mission to North America will be hosting a free 1-hour webinar on Smart Mobility opportunities in Israel on Tuesday, September 14 at 1...

Ontario’s thriving automotive and mobility landscape


Learn more about Ontario’s thriving automotive and mobility landscape with the latest news, AVIN-led research, thought-leadership, reports and more.

Economic impact

Through AVIN, Ontario-based start-ups and SMEs are realizing economic benefits and contributing to economic growth and prosperity in the province.







*As of November 30, 2020

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AVIN’s five programs are a key ingredient to driving the commercialization of automotive technology and smart mobility solutions. Find out which program best suits your needs.

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